Permitted Usage

PERMITTED USAGE UNDER CITY ZONING RULES RESIDENTIAL Caretaker’s/Guard’s Residence Multifamily Residence Retirement Housing Studio Residence NONRESIDENTIAL USES Accessory Structure Alcoholic Beverage Establishment (Note 2) Alcoholic Beverage Sales (Note 24) Amenity Center Antenna and/or Antenna Support Structure, Commercial (Note 3) Antenna and/or Antenna Support Structure, Non-Commercial (Note 4) Antenna, Stealth (Note 5) Antique Shop and Used Furniture Artist’s Workshop Automobile Paid Parking Lot/Garage Automobile Parking Lot/Garage Bank, Savings and Loan, or Credit Union Beauty Salon/Barber Shop Bed and Breakfast Inn Big Box Retail Development (Note 7) Boarding or Rooming House Building Material and Hardware Sales, Minor* Bus Terminal (Note 9) Cabinet/Upholstery Shop Car Wash, Full Service (Note 10) Child Care: Licensed Child-Care Center (Note 11) Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque, or Other Place of Worship (S) Civic/Convention Center College, University, Trade, or Private Boarding School (S) Commercial Amusement, Indoor Commercial Amusement, Outdoor (S) Community Center (S) Concrete Batching Plant Temporary (Note 13) Construction Yard and Field Office, Temporary Convenience Store with Gas Pumps (Note 14) Convenience Store without Gas Pumps Day Services, Adult Dry Cleaning, Minor Equipment and Machinery Sales and Rental, Minor (Note 15) Farmer’s Market Feed Store Fraternal Organization, Lodge, Civic Club, Fraternity or Sorority Furniture Restoration (S) Government Office Gymnastics/Dance Studio Hall, Dance (S) Hall, Reception/Banquet/Meeting (Note 17) Health/Fitness Center Home Builder Marketing Center Hospital Hotel Laundromat Locksmith/Security System Company Massage Therapy, Licensed Municipal Uses Operated by the City Museum/Art Gallery Office, Administrative, Medical, or Professional Oil Well/Gas Well and Mineral Extraction (Note 23) Park or Playground Print Shop, Major (S) Print Shop, Minor Private Club (Note 25) Private Utility (other than listed) Research and Development Center (Note 29) Restaurant (Note 30) Retail Store and Shops Retail/Service, Incidental School District Bus Yard (Note 31) School, Private School, Public Small Engine Repair Shop (S) Telephone Exchange Temporary Building (Note 32) Theater, Neighborhood Transit Center Utility Distribution/Transmission Line (S) Veterinarian Clinic and/or Kennel, Indoor Water Treatment Plant (S) *BUILDING MATERIAL AND HARDWARE SALES, MINOR An establishment for the sale of materials customarily used in construction of buildings and other structures, without any outside storage or display of materials or merchandise. (S) indicates Special Use Permit is required. read more

CO Requirements & Process

HOW TO GET A CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY REQUIRED DOCUMENTS - SUBMITTED IN PERSON OR BY MAIL *If applying for a Certificate of Occupancy in a multi-tenant building, a leasing plan including tenant names, uses, and lease space square footage shall be submitted with the Certificate of Occupancy application. 1. Certificate of Occupancy application 2. Right to Occupy - The City needs to know you have the right to occupy the building. This can be remedied by providing a signed lease agreement or a recorded deed if you have purchased the property. 3. Floor/ Space plan – A basic floor/space plan shall be provided to ensure we understand what you are proposing to occupy and the use of each area within that space. 4. Site plan – A site plan may be required if you are changing the use of the occupancy to verify adequate site elements like parking and accessibility are being provided. 5. Medical Checklist – If this is a medical facility a medical checklist signed by the doctor is required. 6. Health Permit Application – If required must submit a health permit application and all required documents for health. Visit for more information. Additional documents may be required depending on building use. Verify required documents at 972.292.5301 (select prompt for more

Landlord Consent to Sublease

TAR-2117 This form is used to get Landlord's consent to sublease.

Lease Acceptance

TAR 2113 This form is used for final Lease acceptance, if necessary.

Sign Amendment

If you interested in any property sign, this amendment will guide you.

Dumpster Application

Information about Commercial Waste Services is shown on the link: Link below shows the Application for Dumpster: Commercial Waste Rates and Fees are shown on the link: more

Water Service Application

Link to Application for New Water Service and to Disconnect Service: Link to Frisco Water Service Instructions: Link to transfer Water Service to a new name: more

Termination Agreement

This form is used at the end of lease, move out situation.

Renewal Short Form

This form is used to renew or extend a Lease.

Tenant Application Form

TAR-2120 Please print the attached application Form. Complete it fully and sign it. Either fax to 972-516-6608 or call me at 214-682-6425 and we can arrange to get the Application. It typically takes 24 to 48 hours to approve or reject the application. There is no Application more

Lease Guarantee Form

TAR 2109 Guaranty Form

Landlord Rules & Regulations

TAR-2108 Copy of the document that is part of the Lease

Expense Reimbursement Addendum

TAR 2103 Addendum for Common Area Management expenses.

Sample Lease Form

TAR-2101 Please see the attached Lease form that is used as Lease Agreement.

Frisco City CO Application

CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS- Building Inspections, 6101 Frisco Square Blvd., 3rd Floor, Frisco, TX 75034, Main (972) 292-5301, Fax (972) 2925313 email: - City main website: CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY APPLICATION . An incomplete application may delay the review process or cause denial of the application. Print and complete application from the link below: OR download and print the Application and Instructions from the PDF file link here. You will need a copy of the Lease Agreement to submit with the CO more